Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Lights

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Western Technology Lights is the trusted leader in portable explosion proof LED work lights. Call us today to learn about our LED Industrial explosion proof lights certified for Class 1 Div 1!

Western Technology’s Explosion Proof Lights for hazardous locations are not only UL certified but compliant with OSHA Safety Standards. The certification means these lights are safe for use in areas where flammable vapors and/or pulverized dust exist or have the potential to exist. You’ll see LED Industrial Explosion Proof Lights in a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to, military, oil, drilling, petro-chemical, shipyards, aviation, and railcar maintenance and manufacturing. They’re essential on many worksites and considering the types of environments these lights will have to stand up you want to get them from explosion proof lighting manufacturers you can trust. We focus on ensuring our explosion proof work lights are quality and built to last, but the quality of our products isn’t the only reason why we’re America’s best explosion proof lighting manufacturers. We also strive to have the most portable products available. Portability is another one of our focuses because we know important Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Lights are to several hazardous location industries.