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Potters® Engineered Glass Materials (EGM) business works closely with customers to provide value-added performance additives that uniquely improve customer formulations by lowering cost and increasing performance.

Our microspheres serve as functional additives in industrial applications such as weight-reducing fillers in plastics, polymers, and automotive body putties, as extenders in adhesives and paints/coating formulations, sensitizers in industrial explosives, electromagnetic shielding for electronic parts, and abrasive applications for cleaning and peening metal surfaces.

Remember SPHERES:

  • Safe – Amorphous, no crystalline silica
  • Particle – tight particle size doesn’t affect finish
  • Hard – 6 on the Mohs scale, makes coatings tough
  • Engineered – Designed particle size distribution, lot-to-lot consistency
  • Round – True spheres, “ball bearing” effect
  • Environmental – Glass is GRAS and inert
  • Smooth – Low surface area per unit volume, not a resin “hog”