Big Clem Bulk Blasters

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High-production blasting with multiple operators and minimal downtime for refills is what you need for your shipyard, energy industry, storage tank, rail yard, and infrastructure surface preparation applications. Clemco Pro-Series Big Clem Bulk Blasters give you the versatility and productivity to tackle these jobs and others with the following features:

175-psi Rated Pressure Vessels – Maximize productivity.

Industry’s Fastest Refill Cycle – Ensures your crew has minimal downtime.

Improved Super Sack System – Allows media to flow faster and empty more completely.

GritWizard Abrasive Metering Valve – Handles all common media, from coal slag to crushed glass and everything in between.

Pop-Up Valves: The Safest Method for Sealing Pressure Vessels – Which is why pop-up valves have been used throughout the industry by all manufacturers for decades.