Pulsar Plus Blast Cabinets

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Dry-Blast Abrasive Cabinets – Pulsar Plus

You manage a highly efficient cell production line. You need manual blast cabinets that can keep up with your output demands and with your production team. Additionally, your blast cabinets often run multiple shifts and are manned by different operators, so your hand cabinets must be reliable enough for continuous operation and adaptable enough to keep blast operators of different heights and experience levels comfortable and productive. Clemco’s line of Pulsar Plus Blast Cabinets have compact footprints, are equipped with 17 ergonomic and productivity-enhancing standard features, and are simple to operate and maintain. They keep your operators and production line working at maximum productivity.

  • Six models for accommodating different part size and space requirements.
  • Suction and pressure systems to match your production needs.