Pulsar Plus 55-S

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The Zero Pulsar Plus 55-Suction Cabinet is the most compact cabinet of the Pulsar Plus Line. It has all of the features and innovations of other Pulsar Plus Cabinets, except it is fixed height and the power module is attached. The cabinet is ideal for cell-manufacturing floor plans. It is a high production unit used in limited space.

This is a complete System that includes the blast cabinet, reclaim, and filter. It comes equipped with a BNP Blast Gun with a #5 Ceramic Nozzle installed.

Space requirements depend on desired workflow. Allow additional workspace for operator and maintenance needs.

Complete System Footprint

  • 50" width
  • 43" depth
  • 81" high

Working Chamber         

  • 42" width
  • 23" depth
  • 30" height

Door Opening
A. 11.5” (292 mm)
B. 18” (457 mm)
C. 11” (279 mm)
D. 21” (533 mm)
E. 26.5” (673 mm)

1 HP, 115V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
Note: Some installations
may require electrical
connection by a qualified

Window Size (safety glass)
• 19.5” width (495 mm)
• 12.5” height (318 mm)

Dust Collector Filtering Area

195 ft2 (18,1 m2)
The 55-S has a pleated dust filter with a MERV-12 rating.
For work environments with especially toxic dust, order an
optional HEPA filter. They trap 99.988% of dust down to 0.3
micron particles. Reclaimer Flow Rate - Nominal 300 CFM