Corded ear plugs are convenient if you have a process that generates noise intermittently--they can be taken out and hung around your neck, then reinserted as needed.




Reusable ear plugs appeal to different types of users and companies. While they are significantly more expensive than disposable foam ear plugs, over time they can actually be more economical. If wearers take proper care and maintain their multiple-use ear plugs, the dollar spent on a pair can go a lot further than the pennies spent on each pair of single-use ear plugs.



Multiple-use ear plugs are typically molded with a semi-rigid stem and pliable flanges, so they don't require rolling prior to insertion. They insert easily and can be quite comfortable for extended periods. Like disposables, most reusable ear plugs used to be made of PVC, which has gotten bad press. It's not a particularly environmentally friendly product, and many of these HPDs end up in a landfill.