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Clemco Strahlerschutz Schutzhelm 3 Frontansicht 1
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Part number: 25194

This high quality branded product belongs to the product group “operator protection”. The first priority is effective safety for operators. Productivity will increase, if operators feel more secure and comfortable. Clemco safety blast accessories protect the blast operator from excessive heat, cold, dust, and noise.

Blast Helmet Apollo 600 CE with cape and air valve

The blast helmet Apollo 600 combines safety, comfort and features in one helmet and is our flagship in terms of blast operator protection. The blast helmet fulfils all current standards and is used worldwide to provide maximum safety. The resistant material, the triple and rebound proof glazing as well as the dust proof design for blasting processes are made with all our expertise for highest demands. The integrated breathing hose supplies the operator continuously with fresh breathing air even during very dusty blast operations. Different air regulators, also with optional climate function, enable the use in extreme weather conditions, no matter if extremely cold or hot. The air flow indicator signals the blast operator when the helmet is not supplied with fresh air so that he can react timely when something is wrong with his air supply.  

The integrated cape, which is firmly mounted with the blast helmet, provides additional protection against media rebound and for the blast suit which is below from wear.

Comes in the following configurations: (click to order a specific model)