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The patented Vinyl Zapper® belt removes vinyl, adhesive residues, reflecting foils, stickers, decals and double-sided adhesive tape from acrylic paints on metal surfaces, bright metals, wood, aluminium and trim panels.

The patented design of our German-made Vinyl Zapper® ensures that the paintwork is left undamaged. The Vinyl Zapper® belt is mounted onto an Adaptor system of 23 mm width and can either be used with the drive unit MBX® Pneumatic HD or Electric.

  • No paint damage to OEM paint surfaces
  • No surface damage on metal, glass, fiberglass or hard wood
  • No heat damage or smearing on substrate
  • No vibration or jumping – reducing operating fatigue
  • Fast, easy operation – cuts labor by more than 60%
  • Minimal adhesive residue – can be easily removed with suitable solvent