Nozzle Holders

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It’s unavoidable. Nozzles wear out. As the orifice of a nozzle wears and then expands, it needs more air volume to maintain the necessary air pressure for an application. Aside from increasing air consumption, this inevitable wear decreases a nozzle’s service life and performance, and increases media consumption. Clemco offers a variety of nozzles and nozzle holders designed for the requirements of different application so that your abrasive blasting operation remains profitable and productive.

  • Long Venturi Nozzles – For high-production blasting with wide blast patterns.
  • Short Venturi Nozzles – For high-production blasting in small or confined spaces.
  • Straight-Barrel Nozzles – When blasting close to a blast surface, with blast cabinets or small blast machines, or when blasting objects that have detailed or intricate surfaces.
  • Side-Angle Nozzles – For awkward or extremely tight blast angles such as inside pipes or in crevices of structural steel.
  • Nozzle Holders: Nylon and Aluminum – Lightweight designs for reducing operator fatigue.