Premium Grade

Nu-Soft Steel Shot is made from virgin, premium-grade, cast steel shot — no other materials are added during the manufacturing process. Only fully round shot particles are shipped to you. Once in the furnace, the chemistry of the shot is carefully modified for optimum performance.

Safe to Use

Nu-Soft Steel Shot won’t damage intricate detail work, “texturize” polished or machined surfaces or degrade threads of tapped holes. Because of its unique chemistry, Nu-Soft Steel Shot won’t work harden or distort the work piece, and it resists breaking down too rapidly into dust or fines. It won’t remove metal from part surfaces or damage blast machine wear parts.

Nu-Soft Steel Shot Compared to Other Abrasives

Glass Beads 50-60 Rc (5-7 Mohs) 5-8 Cycles 2.6 g/cc Air Blast
SAE Steel Shot 42-65 Rc (6-8 Mohs) 2500-3500 Cycles 7.4 g/cc Air or Cent, Wheel
Stainless Shot 20 Rc (Work Hardens to 60 Rc) 3500-4500 Cycles 7.0 g/cc Air or Cent, Wheel
Plastic Media 3-4 Mohs 4-6 Cycles 1.5 g/cc Air Blast
Ceramic Beads 60-65 Rc (5-7 Mohs) 300-500 Cycles 3.7 g/cc Air or Cent, Wheel
Nu-Soft <20 Rc (3-3.5 Mohs) 6000-7000 Cycles 7.4 g/cc Air or Cent, Wheel

Machine Requirements

Nu-Soft Steel Shot works well in both centrifugal wheel blast machines and pressure air blast cabinets with no modifications needed. Nothing has to be added.

Just clean the inside of the blast machine and remove all traces of standard steel shot. Be sure to vacuum shot from around the screw auger at the bottom of the cabinet and from the boot of the elevator as well as from wear plates, reinforcing gussets, ect. (Remember: Any standard shot that is left to circulate will leave its mark.)

Check for proper adjustment of the air-wash separator, repair any leaks in the cabinet and replace worn wheel components.

Nu-Soft Steel Shot is equal in density to standard steel shot, so it will flow easily through your blast machine with no drop in amps to the wheel. If your blast machine utilizes a magnetic separator, it also will work fine with Nu-Soft Steel Shot.

Nu-Soft Steel Shot Can

  • Remove heat treat scale from sintered powder metal parts
  • Deflash aluminum die castings
  • Deburr delicate stampings and fabrications
  • Remove corrosion from machined surfaces
  • Remove ash residue from caustic bath solutions
  • Clean ceramic from intricate investment castings
  • Eliminate build-up of release agents for molds


Sizes Available

NS-70 — NS-330


50-lb. pail

500-lb. keg

750-lb. keg

2,000-lb. drum