Solid Microspheres

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Delivering Technical and Economic Advantages

Technical and economic advantages can result from the inclusion of SPHERIGLASS® solid glass spheres as a performance additive for thermoplastic and thermosetting resin systems. Their multiple benefits include enhanced processing and reduced manufacturing costs.

Glass spheres are smooth, hard, offer excellent chemical resistance and low oil absorption. These and other characteristics enable the spheres to be used in a wide range of applications in the transportation, automotive, chemical, electronic, industrial, and engineering industries, where they can substantially reduce reject rates in production.

  • Improve flow properties
  • High resin displacement
  • Low shrinkage and warpage
  • Better molded parts
  • Improve surface hardness, toughness and durability
  • Improve abrasion/ scratch resistance
  • High flexural modulus
  • Better stress distribution
  • Excellent chemical resistance


Specialized glass beads specifically designed for controlling bond line thickness in adhesive bonding

  • These beads are manufactured and certified to meet the specification requirements of Raytheon HMS20-1776 and Boeing SCGMS-53004
  • Variety of particle sizes to meet specific functional and end-use application requirements
  • Utilized in Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical and Electronics applications.


For Use in Air-Fluidized Support Systems Treating Burns, Grafts and Pressure Sores

  • Air-fluidization technology uses microspheres to achieves fluid properties in a completely dry medium
  • Microspheres increase density of artificial fluid, for more stable support with less pressure on patient wounds
  • Particulate filtering effect reduces airborne contamination while trapping body fluids for removal


For Industrial Grinding, Dispersing and Deagglomerating

  • Economical, multi-use media for grinding other particulate materials
  • Effectively deagglomerates, for improved particle dispersion within resin, solvent or other suspensions
  • Chemically-inert media ideal for delaminating minerals from lode-bearing rock
  • No ferrous or other residues to contaminate plate-metal surfaces