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AMMO 301

AMMO 301 is a type II, urea plastic media, the most widely used type of plastic media  in the industry.  Plastic blasting media is used for cleaning, stripping, and blasting in the automotive, aircraft, electronic, and other general industries.  Plastic media removes coatings, paint, scale, and other substances from all metal surfaces.  AMMO 301 is a non-aggressive, recyclable, soft media.  It will not cause damage to surfaces and substrates when used under the general suggested operating procedures as noted in the procedures tab.  AMMO 301 is very effective when removing paint and coatings from sensitive surfaces such as aluminum, brass and copper.  AMMO 301 is a media that will prove effective in all surface cleaning, blasting and stripping applications.

AMMO 301 plastic media replaces time consuming methods such as hand sanding, burning, torching, and expensive methods such as abrasive grinding wheels and discs and potentially hazardous sandblasting and chemical cleaning.

AMMO 301 is available in a multitude of mesh sizes ranging from extra coarse, large mesh size 8/10 to ultra fine mesh size 70/100.

Physical Attributes:

  • Type II Urea Formaldehyde, inert cured polymer resin particles, non-combustible, free of toxic, hazardous elements
  • Angular shaped granular particles, predominately white with minimal multi-colorization
  • Specfic Gravity: Min = 1.47 Max=1.52
  • Mohs Hardness: 3.5
  • Barcol Hardness Range: 54 to 62
  • Bulk Density: (#/Cu.Ft): 52
  • Dielectric Constant: 7.0
  • Packaged in 50 Lb. plastic lined cartons and 250 Lb. new fibre drums

AMMO 301 complies with Military Specifications: MIL P85891(A)

AMMO 301 is approved by the Department of the Air Force

Other popular uses: antique cars, classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, general vehicle restoration, military vehicles and structures, airline aircraft castings, landing gear, trucks, boats, car parts, tractor restoration, buses, vans, forklift repainting, equipment repair and repainting, valves, pumps, compressor, vessels, carburetors, meters, tanks, restaurant equipment, fenders, hoods, cabinets, lockers, outdoor furniture, and all other metal parts and fixtures.