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This product is carefully sourced and processed. Strict, custom-designed specifications allow for a high-quality, high-performing, crushed glass abrasive.  By using the proper blast methods your glass performance is maximized. Our crushed glass abrasive is superior to other abrasives in a variety of applications, for performance, health, and 
environmental benefits.  

Fine (70/100): Perfect for blasting aluminum, chrome, brick, concrete, and wood. Applications may include graffiti removal, dustless blasting, paint removal, aged wood restoration.

Medium-Fine (40/70): Surfaces you can blast include slate, marble, fiberglass, stone, copper, brass, iron, brick, granite, or concrete. Ideal for mill scale removal, building restoration, automotive, general cleaning or stripping.

Medium-Coarse (20/40): Uses include bridges, tanks, steel construction, metal fabrication, or precast concrete where a deeper profile is preferable.

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Sizes Available:
Fine 70x100; Medium 40x70; Medium Coarse 20x40; Coarse 10x40; Extra Coarse 10x20

50-lb. bags
Super Sack (3000lb)
Bulk available upon request.

Product Characteristics:
 DENSITY: Approx. 80 lbs/cu. ft.
 HARDNESS:  Approx. 6.0 (Mohs)
 CHLORIDES:  <0.0002%
 EMBEDMENT AT 100 PSI:  0.0% to 0.4%
 SHAPE:  Angular to sub-angular
 LOI: 0.08%
 SOFTENING POINT:  Approx. 1,350°F

Chemical Analysis:
SiO2 73%; Na2O 14%; CaO 10%; MgO <1%; Al2O3 <1%; SO3 <1%.

• 100% recycled glass
• Non-reactive and inert
• Less than 1% free silica
• White post-blast finish
• Translucent dust for increased visibility
• Beryllium is not listed on our SDS
• QPL, SSPC AB-1, MIL-A-22262B(SH) approved
• CARB approved (select plants & grades)
• Made in the USA

Benefits of Glass Abrasives

Recycled glass abrasives benefit industries in several ways.

  • Cleaner: Our abrasives are manufactured from 100% recycled glass. It directly helps reduce landfill waste and limits the use of more toxic slags. Non-reactive and inert, it can be used near and around water. It also doesn’t require post-blast cleaning.

  • Safer: Contains less than 1% free silica and Beryllium is not listed on SDS

  • High Performance: Crushed glass delivers a natural whiter metal finish. It causes significantly less embedment issues—up to five times less than slags and many other expendable abrasives. The dust produced when using glass abrasives is translucent which can allow for increased visibility and operator production, when compared to other abrasives. Our abrasives are also QPL Approved (Mil-A-22262B) and CARB approved at select plants.