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Corn Cob is a natural, eco-friendly abrasive renowned for its gentle yet effective cleaning and polishing capabilities, safeguarding surfaces from harm. With versatile applications, corn cob is often recyclable. Moreover, it efficiently absorbs oils and liquids during the cleaning process.

Cleaning wood floors; Polishing and cleaning antiques; Cleaning; industrial equipment; Restoring log homes; Cosmetics; Blasting & Polishing; ; Water Filtration; Fillers & Extenders; Oil Industry; Molded Plastics; Other Industries; Pet Applications.

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Sizes Available:
8/14 (Coarse Material) Blasting and restoration, Polishing and Deburring, Absorbent
10/14 (Medium Coarse) Heavy duty work
14/20 (Medium) blasting metals, aluminum forms, industrial equipment
20/40 (Fine) wood floors, antiques, brick buildings, fire restoration
40/60 (Very Fine) log homes, walls of food plants, antique cars

Bags: 50lb
Pallet: 40-50Lb Bags

Product Characteristics:
 Not available

Chemical Analysis:
Natural Corn cob

Corn cob is a relatively inexpensive abrasive media that can be used repeatedly, which results in tremendous long-term cost savings.

Corn cob is an all-natural material that is also biodegradable, which can help your company remain compliant with today’s increasing stringent environmental regulations.

The multi-purpose nature of corn cob media means you can use it for several applications, which reduces the need to purchase different types of abrasive media types.

Corn cob blasting and polishing are nontoxic processes that do not produce dust or pollutants, which helps to create a less hazardous environment for your workforce.

Corn cob abrasive blasting is a more efficient dry finishing process. You can avoid the extra time-consuming steps involved with wet blasting.