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BLACK DIAMON Copper Slag (AKA Iron Silicate)

Gets the job done fast! This blasting media is 20% heavier than other mineral slags, with the muscle to cut 15% faster and 20% less product consumption. It’s EPA approved for reuse, so you can stretch your supply even further. This product services a range of applications, from heavy-duty railcar facilities and shipyards to cleaning surfaces clear of light rust and coatings. 

Cleaning wood floors; Polishing and cleaning antiques; Cleaning; industrial equipment; Restoring log homes; Cosmetics; Blasting & Polishing; ; Water Filtration; Fillers & Extenders; Oil Industry; Molded Plastics; Other Industries; Pet Applications.

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Sizes Available:
(Coarse Material) Blasting and restoration, Polishing and Deburring, Absorbent
(Medium Coarse) Heavy duty work
(Medium) blasting metals, aluminum forms, industrial equipment
 (Fine) wood floors, antiques, brick buildings, fire restoration
(Very Fine) log homes, walls of food plants, antique cars

Bags: 50lb and 100lb
Super Sack and bulk available upon request

Product Characteristics:
Hardness > 7 on Mohs Scale
Specific gravity = 3.4
Muscle to cut 15% faster
20% less product consumption
Hard angular particles
Low friability
Uniform weight and gradation

Chemical Analysis:
Fe2O3 + FeO    (Iron Oxide)    57.0%
SiO2 (total)    (Silicon Dioxide)    29.5%
AL2O3    (Aluminum Oxide)    5.0%
CaO    (Calcium Oxide)    3.5%
Zn    (Zinc)    2.5%
MgO    (Magnesium Oxide)    1.0%
Cu    (Copper)    1.0%
LOI    (Loss on Ignition)    < 0.01%


Due to high density, Copper Slag distinguishes from light weight blasting slag

-Very high cleaning speed
-Very low dust level
-Lower abrasive consumption
-Crystalline silica levels are less than 1%