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Black Diamond Coal Slag offers enhanced speed and cutting for superior cleaning ability. A larger number of gradations means you can be more confident in achieving your target profile. We have the product to blast through the toughest epoxies and layers of old paint, as well as the finesse to remove light rust and mill scale.  

Coal Slag is a widely used abrasive due to its profiling ability, economical price point, and availability. It is frequently used in new steel and steel maintenance applications, such as blasting of storage tanks, water towers, bridges, ships, structural and plate steel, offshore platforms, and oil field maintenance.

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Sizes Available:
12/30 (Extra Coarse)
12/40 (Coarse)
20/40 (Medium)
30/60 (Fine)
40/80 (Extra Fine)
Other sizes available

Bags: 50lb, 80lb, 100lb
Pallet: 64-50 lb bags/pallet, 40-80 lb bags/pallet, 30-100 lb bags/pallet
Bulk Bags: 3000, 4000lb super sacks
Bulk: per ton

Product Characteristics:
Hardness > 7 on Mohs Scale
Specific gravity = 3.4
Muscle to cut 15% faster
20% less product consumption
Hard angular particles
Low friability
Uniform weight and gradation

Chemical Analysis:
Fe2O3 + FeO    (Iron Oxide)    57.0%
SiO2 (total)    (Silicon Dioxide)    29.5%
AL2O3    (Aluminum Oxide)    5.0%
CaO    (Calcium Oxide)    3.5%
Zn    (Zinc)    2.5%
MgO    (Magnesium Oxide)    1.0%
Cu    (Copper)    1.0%
LOI    (Loss on Ignition)    < 0.01%

Less than 1% free silica
Does not react with coatings
Works in your existing equipment (no conversion needed)
Reduces coating failure
Does not attract moisture
Allows fast and easy clean up
Angular shape to cut through coatings
Dust suppressant available