100% welded 12- and 14-gauge Stainless Steel cabinet construction

Bolt-on machine hopper, replaceable

Drip resistant door construction

Lockable refrigerator door handle

Cabinet lighting

Safety glass view window with positive sealing window seal

Safety plate sight window

Perforated stainless steel work grates with supports

Foot operated blast control valve with treadle pedal

Safety door interlock

3/8” tungsten carbide nozzle standardLong wear abrasive hose

Safety door interlock

Precision air-regulator, air filter/water trap with gauge

Timed window wash assembly

1-1/2 hp sealless slurry pump, non stainless

8” diameter work ports with cloth lined rubber gloves

Cabinet overfill valve

Cabinet drain

Single power source electrical, 3 phase

Catalyst paint