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Clean, Crushed Glass Abrasives

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TruAbrasives are industry leaders in crushed glass abrasives.


Crushed glass abrasive is superior to other abrasives in a variety of applications, for performance, health and environmental benefits.

  • 100% recycled glass

  • Non-reactive, inert

  • Less than 1% free silica (silica sand contains up to 99% free silica)

  • Beryllium is not listed on the SDS

  • White post-blast finish

  • Translucent white dust for increased visibility

  • QPL approved (select plants)

  • CARB approved (select plants)

  • SSPC AB-1 Class A, MIL-A-22262B (SH) approved

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Gradiations & Profile Guide

Available in 50lb bags (40 bags per pallet), super sacks (up to 1.5 tons/ 3,000 lbs) and bulk.  Other custom grades are available upon request.

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3.5 - 4.5 (MILS); TYPICAL: 3.8 MIL  SSPC-AB1 GRADE 4

Ideal for bridges, tanks and steel construction and precast concrete, and where a deeper profile is desired.

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1.0 - 2.5 (MILS); TYPICAL: 2.3 MIL  SSPC-AB1 GRADE 2

Cleans and polishes surfaces for a smooth, white finish.  Ideal for automotive, dustless blasting and as a soda blast alternative.


2.5 - 3.5 (MILS); TYPICAL: 3.1 MIL  SSPC-AB1 GRADE 3

Suitable for bridges, tanks, steel construction, and precast concrete. 

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Our plants are placed coast to coast to provide convenience to you for your next project.



  • CA, Commerce                       

  • CA, Fairfield

  • IN, Hartford City

  • IN, Indianapolis 

  • IL, Chicago

  • NC, Wilson

  • TN, Ashland City

  • TX, Houston