N-200 Production Siphon pic page.png

Expanded Top model with a 17-degree window slope to accommodate taller parts. 

The N-200 Siphon sand blasting cabinet is designed for Production applications, which are those requiring one (1) hour or more of daily operation using a production gun size and 25 to 90 cfm compressed air.

The dust collector on this machine uses negative pressure, the most advanced cartridge filtration and effortless pneumatic cleaning cycle assembly. These features ensure longer duty cycle, a cleaner work area and longer blower service life. The capacity to store dust with ease of service is what makes this sandblasting equipment the right choice for Production operation. In addition, a larger dual filter option is available for higher daily operation or larger abrasive gun size.

This machine is available with two top styles, 40-degree window slope for low height parts and good operator viewing and 17-degree expanded height top for taller parts requiring more inside cabinet height.

Look at the HEPA after filter in available options for machine cell operation.



  • 100% welded 14-gauge CRS cabinet construction

  • Bolt-on machine hopper, replaceable

  • Adjustable abrasive flow-control mixing valve, replaceable

  • Foot operated blast control valve with treadle pedal

  • 3-Y blast gun with 3/8” tungsten carbide nozzle standard

  • Long wear hose

  • LED outside cabinet lighting on standard top

  • LED spot lighting on expanded height models

  • Safety glass view window with positive sealing window seal

  • Glass window protector, low static

  • Double panel door construction, no spills

  • Lockable refrigerator door handle

  • Safety door interlock

  • Precision air-regulator, air filter/water trap with gauge

  • 10” diameter work ports with two-piece glove and gauntlet

  • Expanded metal work grates, 3/4" - #9 flattened

  • Bolt-in cabinet hopper scalper screen

  • 1/2 hp 700 cfm class III pressure blower

  • Separator reclaimer, pneumatic centrifuge (Patented) internal

  • 220 sq.ft. certified cartridge filter with pneumatic cleaning

  • Hopper dust storage and maintenance access service door

  • Catalyst paint