100% welded cabinet

50 pound pressure pot with access port (ASME Coded)

True ergonomics for seated or standing operation

Movable floor pedal, guarded pedal available

No spill side access door with lockable door latch

Adjustable abrasive flow control using compressed air

3/32” boron carbide nozzle

Patented abrasive separator reclaimer 80 to 240 mesh abrasive

Dust collector 100% welded cartridge filter with reverse pulse cleaning cycle and hopper bottom dust storage

  • 550 cfm class III exhaust blower with silencer

  • 110 sq.ft. filter cartridge dust storage area

  • Hopper dust storage

All blast controls

  • Foot operated blast valve

  • Long wear high pressure on-off blast valve

  • Air regulator/filter and gauge

  • 3-way pot quick fill valve

Fluorescent cabinet lighting

Perforated steel work grating

Hopper scalper screen

Safety glass view window with window protector glass

Window sweeps

Blow-off gun

Padded armrest

Safety door interlock