GOFF Skew Roll Rod Blaster

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Airless Blast Unit


• The blast wheels are directly driven by a 3600 RPM motor for maximum abrasive velocity. The blast wheels are Goff’s 12” diameter wheel with 8 curved blades that are 3” wide. Blast wheels can be operated separately or in conjunction. All revolving wheel components are balanced for smooth operation.


• Unique interlocking design eases blade replacement. Cast from abrasive resistant alloy to assure maximum life. Curved blade design provides for maximum abrasive control.

Control Cage:

• The dial type cage gives positive adjustment of blast patterns. Cast alloy steel constructed.

Wheel Housing:

• Fabricated from 1/4” steel plate. Housing is lined with 7/8” cast interlocking abrasive resistant liners.

Cabinet Construction 


• Pitless type, all welded structurally reinforced cabinet is fabricated from 1/2” abrasive resistant plate in the blast area.

Work Table:

 • 52” diameter work table is constructed of 1/2” steel plate and is covered with a removable abrasive resistant liner. Table revolves on a 2” diameter shaft supported by a thrust bearing. Table revolves on a 2” diameter shaft supported by a thrust bearing. Maximum load capacity of table is 4,000 pounds and revolves at 7 RPM.

Cabinet Construction


Pitless type, all welded structurally reinforced cabinet is fabricated from 1/2” steel plate. Large access doors at rear of cabinet permit periodic inspection and maintenance.

Access Door:

• A large access door has been provided to service the interior of he cabinet. A safety interlock prevents the operation of the blast wheel if the door is ajar. The door is constructed from abrasive resistant alloy steel.


Work Travel Control:

• Work to be blasted is conveyed and rotated by a skew roll conveyor. Work flow rate through the machine is controlled by VFD.


• Ten feet of skew roll conveyor complete with drive components and supporting structure feed the material into the blast cabinet. Ten feet of discharge conveyor is also included. The rollers are mounted on one inch solid shafts positioned in lubricated for life pillow block bearings.


Skew Rolls:

Made from Heat treated alloy steel for abrasive resistance.

Conveyor Drive:

• A common SCR drive control system powers the external and internal roller conveyor. Each roller is powered by a round urethane belt providing a high coefficient of friction to drive rollers. The direct drive system in the blast zone is protected from blast by 1/4” heat treated alloy steel plate. Regulation chain guards are provided.


Abrasive Seal:

• Removable and interchangeable vestibules on ingress and egress provide a positive deterrent to flying abrasive. The design utilizes a triple seal arrangement of 1/8” resistant rubber.

Skew Roll Rod Blaster


• Variable Speed Skew-Type

• Cabinet Access Door

• Conveyor System

• Rotary Screen

• 4,000 Lb. Hook Capacity 25 H.P. Centrifugal Blast

18” Lip Separator

Cleans 1/2” to 6” O.D.

Interchangeable Vestibules

Accommodate Various Sizes

• Abrasive Resistant Steel Cabinet

Machine Warranty

Specifications: Skew Roll Rod Blaster

    Equipment Dimensions


           Machine                     SR-25

           Length                        5' 4"                       Width                         8' 11"                       Height                        12' 1"                     

Abrasive Recycling System


Screw Conveyors:

• Moves the abrasive from the bottom of the machine to the elevator using a heavy duty 9” OD screw flight supported by a 2” shaft. Powered by a 1HP, 1800 RPM, gear reduced chain and sprocket drive system.


• Centrifugal discharge belt and bucket elevator is rigid and dust tight. Quick clamped removable doors permit service and inspection. All shaft bearings are exterior mounted for extended life. Screw adjusted shaft take-ups provide positive belt alignment.


• Single 18” lip separator provides thorough air washing of abrasive for maximum contaminate removal.

Abrasive Required:

• 3000 pounds initial.

Abrasive Control:

• Fully adjustable butterfly valve provides precise flow control of abrasive. Totally enclosed design means maximum noise suppression


Electrical Components

NEMA type 12 electrical enclosure, fusible disconnect switch, thermal overload protection on all electric motors, 230/460 volt primary, 115 volt secondary control transformer, blast wheel motor ammeter, oil tight push buttons. SCR control, NEMA 12 enclosure, 115 volt, 15A.

Electric Motors

• All motors TEFC, ball bearings, 230/460 volt, 3 phase. Blast Wheel 25 HP/3600 RPM Screw Conveyor 1 HP/1800 RPM Elevator 1 HP/1800 RPM Dust Collector 5 HP/3600 RPM Skew Roll Drive 3/4 HP/0-2400 RPM D/C

Ventilation Features 

 1,400 CFM dust collector is fully self contained and is optional. Collector contains 36 4-1/2” diameter by 50” long polyester bags which are cleaned automatically by a air pulse unit which requires 80-100 PSI of air at 2 CFM. Free standing collector will accommodate 55 gallon refuse drum.



6,000 lbs.