Clemco Wetblast System

Wetblasting-Flex_Clemco Wetblast System.

WETBLAST FLEX - Complete, Portable Wetblast System.

The Wetblast FLEX is a portable, rugged, all-in-one wetblast system engineered to provide high-performance wetblasting with maximum dust supression, convenient operation, application versatility, and performance superior to traditional slurry systems and competitor wetblast machines. It is ideal for heavy-duty wetblast jobs,  It also can rinse, air dry. and quickly be set up for dry blasting.  It includes:

  • 6 cuft blast machine.

  • Wetblast Injector Pump Module

  • 120-gallon storage tank 

  • Complete unit mounted on a portable, steel-framed skid

  • Many other features


The Wetblast FLEX System has everything you need to start blasting now!