Bullard Supplied Air Fitting Guide

The couplings pictured below are the most popular styles used on airline respirators.  A coupling, which is made up of a socket (or nipple) and a plug (or coupler), is also called a "QD" fitting or just "fitting" and comes in various socket (female) and plug (male) sizes.  Couplings can have male, female, or hose barb ends for different types of connections.

Industrial Interchange / Hansen-Compatible

Snap - Tite  - Also known as Foster: "short and stubby"

Schrader - Looks like a bullet; turn the sleeve to release

CEJN - Similar to Hansen; two hands must be used to disconnect

Bayonet - Long and skinny with pins on the side; no ball bearings to trap grit.  Popular with abrasive blasters

Dynaswivel - Swivels in two axes to keep from kinking

Quick-Disconnect Nipples

Bullard Quick Disc Nipple Industrial Int
Bullard Quick Disc Coupler Industrial In
Bullard Quick Disc Nipple Schrader_edite
Bullard Quick Disc Coupler Schrader2_edi
Bullard CEJN Nipple_edited.jpg
Bullard CEJN Coupler_edited.jpg
Bullard Dynaswivel Nipple_edited.png
Bullard Quick Disc Coupler Industrial In
Bullard Snap Tite Nipple_edited.jpg
Bullard Snap Tite Coupler_edited_edited.

Industrial Interchange / Hansen- Compatabile




Dynaswivel with Industrial Interchange

Quick-Disconnect Nipples