UVA BODYLight™ - Model 8910UVA

The UVA BODYLight™ is probably the most durable and shockproof UVA inspection light in the world today. Built tough for any “heavy duty” environment. Tested & dropped multiple times from 20ft and it will still works! [watch the video]. In a tough environment such as non-destructive testing, you want the best NDT equipment possible to avoid disruptions.

UVA BODYLight™ is certified to construction requirements under UL 844 for usage in Class I & II, Division 1 & 2 explosion proof environments. Further, the 365nm UV emission from this version of the BODYLight™ is compliant with standards ASTM E3022ASTM E1444ISO 3059, and Rolls-Royce RRES 90061. Great for NDI / NDT testing & inspections. Common applications include aeronautical, marine and industrial maintenance and manufacturing inspections. Detect cracks, leaks, FOD, microscopic holes & defects.

This explosion proof UVA inspection light supports normal visible light operation as well. With simple push button activation, you can easily switch from the 2500 Lumen LED mode to the UVA mode and back again.

Superior reliability and performance in both modes. Owner may order special “code” allowing only trained operator to switch into UVA mode. Code will be available in “Light Emission Report” accompanying sale of every UVA BODYLight™.

Note: UVA option requires operator wear PPE and confirmation required training has been completed.
UVA 365nm can be hazardous to human health with extended unprotected exposure.