Apollo 100 CE

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Clemco Strahlerschutz Schutzhelm 1 Frontansicht
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This high quality branded product belongs to the product group “operator protection”. The first priority is effective safety for operators. Productivity will increase, if operators feel more secure and comfortable. Clemco safety blast accessories protect the blast operator from excessive heat, cold, dust, and noise.

Values operator protection

Blast Helmet Apollo 100 CE with cape

The Apollo 100 blasting helmet has been specially developed for blasting work. It convinces with its simple yet functional design. A special triple system of lenses protects the operator against abrasive rebound and allows a quick change of mylar lenses to ensure a good view. All blast helmets are connected with a special nylon cape, which prevents the ingress of blast dust as well as protecting the clothing from rebound and wear.
The attached breathing air hose ensures that the operator can be continuously supplied with fresh breathing air and with the optional use of various air valves, such as cooling and heating devices, it is also suitable for extreme temperatures.

Maximum air pressure

8 bar

Air consumption

160 - 200l/min

Operating temperature

-6°C < > +40°C


EN 14594:2018