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Copper Slag.jpg
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Cryogenic media supplier for deflashing and deburring rubber, thermostat parts, nitrile, extrusion molded and injection molded parts.  Our long-lasting media offers production and operation savings.  Deflashing media is reuable and non-toxic. 

Copper Slag is a by-product of cooper extraction by smelting.  During smelting, impurities become slag which floats on the molten metal.  Slag that is quenched in water produces angular granules.  High recyclability rate

Enviromentally green abrasive.  Meets all or most military / government specifications (such as carb approval).    Low recyclability rate.


Generally a spec is already provided regarding which abrasive to use.  For a specific call out such as military use, use the material specified.   The recyclability rate is higher.  The finer the abrasive (the higher grit #), the smoother the finish.  The recyclability rate is higher.  

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Primarily used for shot peening.  Meets most government certifications.  Excellent recyclability rate.

Very desirable blasting mineral.  Low free silica.  Low cost abrasive -   meets most government specifications.  Good recyclability rate.

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Shot peening abrasive.  Excellent substrate for rust / mineral removal.  Meets most government specifications.

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Green Diamond.png
Green Diamond

Cost effective; No respirable free silica; Controlled profile; Relatively clean and low dusting.

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Cost effective; No respirable free silica; Controlled profile; Relatively clean and low dusting.

Silicon Carbide.png

Is a very angular abrasive which will provide a deeper profile finish.  The recyclability rate is excellent.

Steel is also a non-consumable media.  With proper care, it is not "used up" in the finishing process.  Its durability and increased working pressure make steel the ideal media for a variety of finishing processes.  Excellent recyclability rate.  

Primarily used for shot peening.   Meets most government specifications.  Excellent recyclability rate.  

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Steel Shot.png

Shot blasting and peening machines use a combination of air and screens to clean the shot during operation.  High recyclability rate.

Walnut Shell .png

Soft mineral.  Excellent blasting media for use in multiple industries that require a soft blasting substrate.   Low recyclability rate.