Multi-Blast® (MB) Type II


  • Approved under Mil-P-85891A Military specification for plastic blast cleaning media.
  • Produces far less dust than walnut shells or glass bead allowing for a clean, easily visible work atmosphere.
  • Properly used, will not abrade sensitive surfaces, prolonging the life of expensive molds,tools, and parts.
  • Deburrs and deflashes aluminum, zinc, and magnesium parts without damaging part surfaces or altering critical tolerances.
  • Sharp, granular edges produce quick cleaning action in less time, saving money.
  • All media is non-toxic and produces no silicosis hazards contributing to a safer work environment.
  • Can be used in air and wheel-blast equipment, eliminating the need to acquire new equipment in most cases.


  • Depainting aircraft components, brakes, wheels, landing gear, engines, etc
  • Cleaning aluminum and steel molds in the rubber and plastics industry.
  • Stripping powder coated part rejects.
  • Depainting automobile bodies, boat surfaces, and components.
  • Depainting vacuum-metallized part rejects.
  • Deburring machined parts.
  • Deflashing electronic components.