Maxi-VI® (MS) Type VI


  • Less aggressive than Multi-Blast® (MB) with similar cutting action.
  • Very low dust and static levels.
  • Sharp, granular edges produce quick cleaning action in less time, saving money.
  • Causes no abrasion to blast cabinet, nozzles, windows or fixtures eliminating the need for frequently replacing costly parts.
  • Media is non-toxic and produces no silicosis hazards contributing to a safer work environment.
  • Leaves no residue deposits eliminating costly and time-consuming post-washing or other treatment of parts.
  • Media is treated with anti-static solution which helps keep dust levels low, reduces static and keeps parts cleaner.
  • Recommended for suction blast equipment or low pressure blasting applications.


  • Deflashing electronic components.
  • Stripping coatings from sensitive substrates.
  • Stripping composite panels.
  • Stripping fiberglass.