Enduro-Grade ® (EG) Type I


  • Produces far less dust than walnut shells or glass bead allowing for a clean, easily visible work atmosphere.
  • Media is treated with anti-static solution which reduces dust, static, and keeps parts cleaner.
  • Available in 6 distinct sizes eliminating lodging problems and damage to parts.
  • Leaves no residue deposits eliminating costly and time-consuming post-washing or other treatment of parts.
  • Sharp, granular edges produce quick cleaning action in less time, saving money.
  • Media is non-toxic and produces no silicosis hazards contributing to a safer work environment.


  • Deflashing DIPS, SIPS, axial and radial lead electronic components.
  • Deflashing plated inserts on connectors.
  • Stripping automobile bodies and components.
  • Stripping and cleaning composite materials.
  • Cleaning aluminum molds and tooling without abrasion.